My Second Research Post

 At this point in my research I am continuing to look at articles in the Bullet that fall under the category headings that I feel are most relevant to this research assignment. Under the category for Curriculum there are numerous citations referring to the addition of new courses in majors such as History, French, and English. As well as changes made to different programs.

            For this research post I believe we were asked to focus on one piece of information. Because of this, I decided to mention the article “Average (Impossible?) Day” for a second time. One of the most important aspects of this research assignment is learning what made the experience of a student at Mary Washington College in the 1950s different from the experience of a student at the University of Mary Washington in 2010. This article is a great find in that the similarities do exist, but at the same time there are definite distinctions. The author is awoken by the sound of the latest news and weather report from her suite-mate’s radio. She makes sure to stop and check her mailbox for letters and money from home. After class, she thinks to herself, “Gee, I got all of the notes, did all the experiments without blowing up the lab, and I’m certain I passed the test with flying colors.”  Her options for lunch in the dining hall include cold cuts, cheese, olives, pickles, bottled drinks, and chocolate pie. She reads her letters from home while smoking a cigarette. She reads items posted on the bulletin board on campus and ponders where she will go during the weekend, perhaps, Club Hubba?[1]      

            I also looked at a humorous article that is an exaggeration of the average college girl. According the article, the average college girl “wears a sweater, a skirt, saddle shoes, and anklets. She is shy and hates to meet people. She loves to tell you how tired she is and she falls asleep in class. She loves to tell you that she has eight themes and two thousand words due by Monday, and if you think she has done any of it you’re wrong.”[2]


[1]Doris Stiller, “Average (Impossible?) Day,” The Bullet, December 6, 1955.
[2]MesaCollege Collection, “A College Girl,” The Bullet, December 6, 1955.

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