Group Meeting

During our group meeting in class on Thursday, we started by mentioning trends or interesting pieces of information that we had learned from our own individual research. The majority of our meeting was spent discussing the appearance and content of our website. We looked at a number of the different available themes (both on the UMWblog site and the word press website). As a group we decided that we want to focus on images and so we want to find a theme that primarily uses images. We tossed around a few ideas on how to set up our introduction page.

For the content of our website, we decided to divide the site based on a number of topics, such as majors with the focus then being on how the majors that were available in the 1950s relate to the majors available now, the types of classes students would have taken (such as labs, technology driven, home economics…), also the different departments, and possible social/campus information. We also brought up the idea of a page focusing entirely on the interviews that were conducted, specifically wanting to create pages that provide information in a “Then and Now” fashion.

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