My Third Research Post

For my research this week I looked at the microfilm of the Bullet from 1951 to 1955. After the meeting with my group on Thursday, I really tried to focus on finding articles pertaining to the experiences of a MWC student in the classroom. So far this has proved to be very difficult.

            The articles that I have found tend to focus on the addition of new courses or degree programs. Such as, the addition of a Medical Technology degree program in September of 1951[1], or a Physical Therapy degree program in October of 1951.[2] A “Get Acquainted” course was established for freshmen in September of 1951, the classes offered during this course introduced new students to a number of college related topics such as choosing the right club, developing proper studying habits, or learning about the history of MWC.[3]

            An article that stood out to me, focused on the construction of a new sophomore dorm. What struck me were the things the author focused on the most. She was excited to learn about the addition of showers rather than “tubes”, as well as the addition of numerous mirrors throughout. She mentioned the buzzer system that would be installed. This buzzer system would be used to alert a student, if she had a phone call waiting. The dorm would also have a waiting room and wash room for male callers, as well as a formal parlor. [4]

[1]“Degree Program Announced in Medical Technology,” The Bullet, September 25, 1951.

[2] “Degree Program Announced in Physical Therapy,” The Bullet, October 8, 1951.

[3] “”Get Acquainted” Course To Be Given Freshman,” The Bullet, September 24, 1951.

[4] Sigrid Weeks, “New Sophomore Dorm Offers Many More Conveniences,” The Bullet, March 23, 1954.



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