My Fourth Research Post

At this point in my research, I have finished going through the articles in TheBullet from the years 1950 to 1957, and will soon be done with the remainder. I have printed a number of articles that relate to changes in courses offered to students, changes in departments, and additions or losses of professors.

TheBullet of the 1950s follows many of the same things our Bullet would cover, such as theatre or musical performances, club meetings, and other campus going ones. There are also articles that are particular to the 1950s Bullets, such as an article entitled “Dear Diary” and sections that focus on engaged and soon to be married students.

The ads that are mixed in with the articles showcase the 1950s as well. There are a number of ads showcasing cigarettes, and ads showcasing the women’s dress of the time. I have greatly enjoyed looking at these ads, once I got over my shock of seeing a half-page ad selling lucky brand cigarettes. I have enjoyed too, looking at the comics hand drawn by UMW students. These comics reflect the thoughts and feelings of students during the 1950s by showing the experiences and thoughts of the students.

            I have learned a great deal from working with The Bullet. This was my first time working with Microfilm. Which has been an experience in itself, the printer in particular tended to give me problems. I had to focus on articles that I felt would be relevant to our research, so this assignment required me to wade through The Bullets and not become bogged down by every interesting article that I came across.

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